Monday, May 29, 2017

SeaShell Museum Planned for 2017/2018 Season

"It is perhaps a more fortunate destiny 
to have a taste for collecting shells 
than to be born a millionaire."

~ Robert Louis Stevenson 


The Inspiration

Years ago we discovered a funky Shell Factory in Fort Myers Florida.  
Ok. So, their collection is valued at 6 million dollars. Wow! 

Then, while walking in Mazatlan we came across Sea Shell City Museum
which is described as (by Frommer's Travel Guide) having not only a huge selection of shells, but also "more shell-covered decorative items than you ever dreamed could exist, from the tacky to the sublime."

Then, five years ago we visited the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum 
on Sanibel Island in Florida and I fell in love with it, too. This is labeled as a National Museum and it is simply fantastic with rooms and rooms of displays, information and sea shell collections from around the world.

This summer Russ and I are building a SeaShell Museum!
It will be on the same property as my Off the Beach Workshop and Studio. 

This will - by no stretch of the imagination - even come close to the size of the places that I have mentioned. But, it will be free to the public and should be a fun little tourist attraction. 
The building itself is being constructed of mostly recycled materials - as much as possible. We have a two room plan, which will be well-lit and will open onto a private garden.  

Do you have a Contribution for the SeaShell Museum? 
A unique or rare shell(s) that you've found on a beach 
here along the Sea of Cortez. . . 
. . . and are you willing to share it?
I am accepting donated and/or "on loan" pieces 
for the SeaShell Museum. 

Email me: