A few Videos

May 2020 Video presentation for the 
Virtual Beachcombing Festival

Visitamos el museo de conchas marinas
(Seashell Museum) en Puerto Peñasco
(en español)

Rocky Point 360 Interview 

And, just for Fun.
See everything that Sally sells in this
2022 Super Bowl Commercial.
Starring Zendaya as Sally.


First and Second Home-owners 
of a typical Sea Shell.   

We filmed this little video on May 13, 2018. 
It shows 2 seashells with Occupants. 

The tiny moon snail is just a baby at maybe a 1/4" across. 
(It is by far the tiniest living moon snail I have ever found.)
Its occupant is the original mollusc who actually is the animal who actually 
builds the shell and grows with it. 
This little guy is super cute and moves really fast once he gets going! 
You will see it disappear into the sand as you watch.   

The larger shell is inhabited by a second home-owner... the hermit crab
This shell is probably about an 1 1/2" long.