Thursday, June 2, 2022

June to September, 2022

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June thru September, 2022

Open by Appointment Only
Schedule a Visit by Email:

NOTE:  Due to the large number of families & groups who have made an
appointment and then not shown up, I have decided that I must 
charge a "scheduling fee". 
(It takes me at least an hour to prepare for an appointment along with 
turning on the AC in the summer so that you are comfortable.)

The scheduling fee is $20.00 usd 
and will be paid to my PayPal account prior to your visit. 
The majority of this fee is refundable
 or the entire amount is usable at the gift shop. 
Details will be given when you email with a request. 

We will re-open on the first Friday of October 
and then our season schedule is 
each Friday from 10 to 5.